COMPLAINTS have been made about anti-social moped riders.

Multiple residents have raised concerns about the issue across Prestwich.

Masked youths have been spotted driving mopeds and off-road bikes across the town.

Edan Brooke, who lives near Prestwich village, said: "I was driving on Tuesday at about 5.40pm and saw two young-looking men riding on a white motorbike/moped. They pulled out of St Paul's Road and drove along the pavement on my left, near Lidl in Prestwich, heading towards Manchester. They were both wearing balaclavas."

Another resident said they had seen masked youths driving a moped in Fairfax Road yesterday.

Parents have raised particular concern about the motorcycles being ridden near to schools in the area and have urged children to be aware.

A post shared to the Original Prestwich People Facebook page on Tuesday reads: "Please can you tell your children to be extra careful when finishing school as this is the third time this week seeing 2 mopeds with 3 lads on each wearing balaclavas roaming around St Monica’s High School and Prestwich high.

"They like to meet up for a few minutes in Ostrich Lane just off Green Walks. Please be extra careful, it’s a shame we can’t do anything. Horrible scumbags."

Several people took to social media, calling for the police to take action.

Amit Kaplan-Shalom posted: "Seen today in Bury Old Road around Kings Road and Middleton Road. They were trying to snatch a phone off a kid walking on Castlehill.

"Police have been told but nothing they can do."

Parent Sylvia Moran wrote: "This sounds like the lads who tried to mug me and my daughter at the end of last year. They seem to be after mobile phones, they appear for a couple of weeks then seem to disappear. Be careful."

Another woman posted that she had witnessed two teenage boys wearing balaclavas driving a moped in Higher Lane, Prestwich, on Sunday afternoon.

Elizabeth Graham posted: "I think these must be the two lads we saw on Sunday afternoon both wearing dark clothes and black balaclavas no crash helmets.

"They were on Higher Lane then turned down Park Lane, one on the road and one on the footpath. Both went through the red light."

The Bury Times has approached Greater Manchester Police for comment.