DESTINATIONS in the north of the borough are leading the way in making Bury an age-friendly place to live.

Ramsbottom, including Holcombe Village, and Tottington have received an age-friendly award for making their communities better places to live for the older generation.

Several pieces of work, both recent and long-running, were held up as good examples as part of a bid to become "age-friendly."

Representatives from the villages attended a special presentation event, where they received the recognition from the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham.

The Holcombe Society has introduced postcards detailing a list of telephone numbers for residents who will offer their help in an emergency.

The scheme, called Holcombe Help, was set up about one year ago.

Meanwhile, Bury Rural Inequalities Forum (BRIF), formed in 2008, represents the interests of residents from six of the rural villages in the north, including Affetside, Ainsworth, Greenmount, Hawkshaw, Holcombe and Nangreaves.

Dr Falmai Binns, chairwoman of Holcombe's BRIF group, said: "There are quite a few people in the villages who really are quite needy.

"We have a strong network, and meet a few times each year.

"This voluntary organisation helps people to have their voices shared and to feel connected."

Rammy Men was also part of the bid to the Mayor. The group runs activities, with a focus on mental health and reducing suicide risk in men.