CHILDREN across the borough have been getting creative to make beautiful pictures of rainbows.

Colourful designs have been appearing in windows around all six towns in a bid to bring a smile to passers-by, and spread a message of joy and hope during these difficult times.

The trend has exploded after schools shut down, and follows a viral social media post.

As well as drawing, colouring, painting and glittering their own creations, youngsters have also been out on walks, and drives with their parents, to spot as many rainbows as they can.

Bury Times: Alyssa, aged three, and Ava, aged sevenAlyssa, aged three, and Ava, aged seven

Joining in the fun were Nicola Faye with daughters, Alyssa, aged three, and Ava, aged seven.

She said: “Alyssa and Ava like to go out in the car and spot rainbows in people’s windows. My eldest likes to make a record of street names and house numbers where she spots a rainbow. It’s a lovely, simple idea that adds colour, cheer and fun to what can be monotonous days.”

Bury Times:

Also, safely, getting out and about to see the rainbows was Lindsay Roberts, with daughter Emily, aged four, and son Jack, aged nine.

She said: “We went on a socially-distant walk and saw loads of rainbows in other houses. The kids were so excited to see them and loved that theirs at home might put a smile on someone else’s face. We’ve also put some rainbow Christmas lights up, because who doesn’t feel better with twinkling lights?”

Bury Times: Rainbow by William, aged 12, and Benjamin, aged fiveRainbow by William, aged 12, and Benjamin, aged five

Lisa Ryan, of Seddon Farm, has been getting involved with her sons, William, aged 12, and Benjamin, aged five, and also at the school where she works.

She said: “Both myself and my husband are key workers so are still in work.We made the rainbows to make local residents smile. We’ve have had quite a few comments, smiles and waves from the elderly. The school I work in is currently making rainbows to display on our front gates.”

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