FIREFIGHTERS were attacked by a teenager who threw an object at their engine as they drove to attend the home of a vulnerable person.

The crew from Bury Fire Station had been driving along Wellington Road at around 8pm last night, en route to drop something off for the resident, when the incident happened.

As the fire engine passed by, the man, who it is believed was around 18-years-old, threw a stick "with intent" and directly hit the window of the cab.

Crews then stopped to speak with the teen and called the police.

The incident was also captured on CCTV, fire crews said.

Steve Urmston, watch manager at Bury Fire Station, said: "We don't know what this young male's intentions were, but he left the scene, and we have put it down as a near miss.

"Luckily our appliance was not damaged. However, at this time people should be staying indoors and staying safe if they can."