TALENTED pupils at a Whitefield special school have become social media sensations thanks to their super singing skills.

After schools were forced to close due to the coronavirus outbreak, youngsters and teachers at Elms Bank decided to keep the community together by singing from their homes.

This then quickly evolved in to pupils and staff forming a virtual choir.

Now the choir has made its first music video featuring members singing the Cyndi Lauper hit True Colours.

The performance has proved an instant viral hit, receiving more than 10,000 views, and over 2,000 shares across social media.

Headteacher Orienne Langley-Sadler said: "‘True Colours’ is dedicated to everyone within the Elms Bank community who are self-isolating but finding these times tough.

"We want to reach out to raise the spirits of our students who aren’t able to see their friends and dedicated staff teams, but also give the message that we are thankful to the ones on the front line.

"Their actions go beyond our gratitude; we want them to remember when they too feel low, they are as beautiful as rainbows."

The introduction of lockdown measures due to Covid-19 has proven a challenging time for Elms Bank, many of whose pupils have underlying health conditions.

But in order to continue supporting pupils and staff in their self-isolation, and retain a sense of community, form tutors and pastoral team members have been checking in on families to ensure they are getting the right help.

Using Twitter the school has also been sharing fun topics, challenges and updates, including a #keepsinging and 'Don't worry be happy' singing challenge.

Amy Johnston, a teacher and pianist at Elms Bank, said: "The actual school choir has over 50 student members and we also have a thriving staff choir.

"The choirs have performed all over Manchester, as we believe singing keeps our community strong and together.

"Why wouldn’t we revert to singing at these worrying times? It is what we at Elms Bank do best."

After the virtual choir was created members set about making the music video.

Ms Johnson was joined by choir leader Catherine Dent to record piano and vocal part respectively, for the children to sing along with at home.

Pupils then recorded videos of themselves singing which were edited together and shared on social media ­— where it has received the "overwhelming response".

Ms Langley-Sadler added: "I am truly in awe of my staff, parents and student’s resilience.

"Resilience is one of our school values, and the hard work of all the community at this time is truly amazing."

during the coronavirus lockdown.

launched a singing challenge