BURY South MP Christian Wakeford has defended Labour Leader, Sir Kier Starmer, after he was panned by the Mail on Sunday for owning a patch of land allegedly worth £10 million.

The Conservative politician took to Twitter to hit back at the criticism, and praised Sir Keir for caring for his mother, following the article published yesterday.

The seven acre plot in Surrey was reportedly purchased by Sir Keir in 1996 to house a donkey sanctuary for his late disabled mother, next to their family home.

In his Tweet, Mr Wakeford said: "Hands up anyone who thinks this is even remotely linked to whether or not he can do the job? Anyone? No didn’t think so.

"All I can see is someone who cares deeply for his mum and fair play to him."

According to the Mail on Sunday's article the field, which sits in Greenbelt land, could hold 70 houses, if planning permission was sought and granted.

It also reported that one estate agent valued the plot at £1.5 million per acre, or around £10 million in total.

A spokesman for the Labour Leader told the Mail on Sunday that "the field is not for sale" and that it had not been viewed by developers.