A NEW extension has been proposed for Fairfield General Hospital - to free up clinical space.

Blueprints have been unveiled by the Northern Care Alliance for a new modular addition on the west wing of the complex.

A planning agent has told Bury Council's planning department that the proposal represents the second of a three-stage project to refurbish the hospital.

He added: "The extension is meant to host administrative uses, such as seminar room, offices, staff rest and changing room, in order to free internal space within the existing

hospital for patient and clinical purposes.

"The building itself upon which the rooftop extension is proposed is predominantly an acute accommodation building with wards

"Its volume and extension reflects a layout carefully tailored to answer the needs of the users. This includes a modular building system to speed the construction process

and keep to a minimum the disruption of the regular workflow in the hospital."

From the outside, the new modular extension will be chiefly visible from the Jericho Road side of the hospital.