RELATIVES of the 112 victims of the Dan Air tragedy - which took place 50 years ago - would like to see a memorial at Manchester Airport to those who lost their lives.

Memorial services for the passengers on the fateful flight, which departed from the former Ringway site to Barcelona in 1970, mainly took place in the UK due to coronavirus restrictions on travel.

But for many affected by the catastrophe, including dozens of families in Bolton, Bury and East Lancashire, the journey out to northern Spain to see the remembrance garden is an arduous trip, especially for surviving parents.

And now the family of Yvonne Ridgley, from Ainsworth, who lost her life on board Flight 1903 with best friend Sandra Brown, is calling for a memorial on north-west soil.

Amanda Stobart, Miss Ridgeley's niece, said: "Fifty years ago on Friday, my mum's sister, my auntie, flew from Manchester (Ringway) Airport headed for Barcelona.

"Unfortunately, they were never to make their destination as their plane sadly crashed into a Spanish hillside while descending into Barcelona.

"There were 112 victims of the Dan Air disasters and no survivors. To mark the 50th anniversary of the crash, my mum, our family and families of some other victims from the Manchester area were due to travel to Barcelona to visit the hillside grave and pay their respects. Coronavirus meant this trip had to be cancelled."

Currently there is a memorial to the victims of the 1985 Airtours disaster, which saw passengers killed at Ringway when a plane failed to take off. But there is not thought to be any similar remembrance sites for flights departing the airport, which later met with tragedy.

Amanda added: "Going forward, we were wondering whether the Airport could provide any from of memorial to recognise those that lost their lives following the crash. Especially with the devastating effects on so many Manchester families.

"It’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to travel to the graveside itself to leave flowers. My nan is 92 years old, so travelling to the actual grave is no longer an option."

A spokesman for Manchester Airport said a memorial service was recently held for the victims of another Dan Air disaster, in Tenerife, through the chaplaincy there.

Chaplains would be more than willing to discuss what arrangement could be made to commemorate the 51st anniversary next year, he added.