AS BURY and Bolton start to get back to business following the coronavirus lockdown one firm is helping keep people safe by producing a new virus-busting product.

Stoneclough and Radcliffe-based Itac Adhesives is a specialist manufacturer of technical adhesives and coatings whose customers include organisations in the food and medical sectors.

But amid the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak the company has converted its currently spare facilities to make a range of World Health Organisation-approved hand sanitiser liquid.

It now plans to supply these to cleaning companies, cleaning product distributors, retailers and other businesses in Bury and beyond.

The firm will also provide free sanitiser products to several charities.

Steve Farnworth, Itac’s managing director, said: “One of the pervading pieces of advice which remains today since the start of the pandemic is to regularly wash our hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser.

"This will be the new norm before anything else for months, maybe even years.

"As people return to work and go about their everyday lives, we want to help ensure there are sufficient supplies of hand sanitiser in the local business community, to help minimise the risks of more people falling ill to, or spreading this dreadful disease."

The new range of Itac products ­— named Sanitac ­— are made from a WHO approved clear colourless liquid formulation, which includes 75 per cent alcohol.

They have a 12-month shelf life from date of manufacture and are available in 150ml, 500ml, one litre and five litre bottles.

Bulk orders of 200 litre drums and 1,000 litre IBC’s will also be available.

In addition to being applicable as a liquid, the sanitiser can be transferred to small volume liquid spray containers.

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