SISTERS from Bury who helped to mastermind a drugs empire - under the cover of a beauty business - have been jailed for 33 years.

Shazia, 42, and Abia Din, 41, ran Beauty Booth, on the Chesham industrial estate, selling styling products across online marketplaces like Amazon.

But behind the scenes the siblings were using the unremarkable premises, in Oram Street, to supply drugs and launder large amounts of cash.

The Dins were farming out heroin, cocaine and amphetamines to contacts in South Yorkshire, through the Wrafter family.

Police pounced initially on Peter Wrafter, a Doncaster-based drug dealer - but the sisters simply moved their trade to his 31-year-old daughter Natalie.

Their operation foundered after a car containing one of their couriers was stopped in Cheetham Hill, Manchester Crown Court has heard.

Cash totalling £10,000 and an encrypted mobile were seized, say police, which led to Peter Wrafter being apprehended in Doncaster with a gun, cash, mobiles and large hauls of drugs.

Undercover police then witnessed Shazia Din and Natalie Wrafter conducting a cash drop outside Doncaster Prison, according to detectives.

Her son Hassan was also part of the operation, and was seen passing a large holdall to an accomplice in Bury. This holdall was then switched to a second courier, who was pulled over on a road near Knutsford. Inside his vehicle was £170,000.

Another raid on a 'safe house' being used by The Dins at The Dock unearthed £66,000 in cash, along with cannabis, scales and a vacuum packing machine.

Police say the net closed in after further raids on a garage in Ashton Old Road, Manchester, which saw heroin, scales, and a hydraulic press impounded. One dealer, Lee Davis, was then caught with heroin valued at £3m in his van.

Investigators also later swooped on the Din family home in The Drive, Bury, and Abia's home in Woodman Drive. Luxury Rolex watches and a £60,000 diamond ring, as well as a £50,000 Mercedes, were all seized.

Shazia Din pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine, cannabis, heroin and MDMA and money laundering. Abia Din admitted to money laundering and was convicted after trial of the four drugs conspiracies,

Hassan Din pleaded guilty to the cannabis conspiracy and money laundering and was convicted of the cocaine, heroin and MDMA conspiracies. He was jailed for 14 years.

Davis, 37, of Polefield Hall Road, Prestwich, who pleaded guilty to the cocaine and heroin conspiracy, was jailed for nine years.

Det Insp Lee Griffin, of GMP’s Serious and Organised Crime Group, said: “It is thanks to the hard work of all the officers in this case from Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire Police that a group of criminals using sophisticated methods have been stopped from deluging our streets with huge amounts of drugs.

“We have disrupted the supply of drugs and cash payments between the regions of not just Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire, but across the UK."