A FORMER radiologist for the NHS trust which covers Fairfield General Hospital has been struck off over his performance levels.

Dr Zaheer Sherazi had reached the post of general consultant and interventional radiologist at Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, before senior figures expressed concerns about his work.

His assessment skills were considered a 'cause for concern' and there were also issues raised about his communication abilities with colleagues.

But before being suspended for nine months by a health watchdog, following the performance assessment, the consultant had secured a similar post at the National Hospital in Lahore.

And when the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) contacted Dr Sherazi, to inform him his professional status in the UK was under threat, he e-mailed back to say he was "not interested".

Several recommendations had been over how a reflective statement, on his shortcomings, a journal detailing his progress or an up-to-date appraisal may have assisted his cause, an MPTS fitness to practice review hearing was told.

But the tribunal heard Dr Sherazi "has given no indication whether he has made or will make efforts to address or remediate his deficient professional performance".

No representations had been made in support of his case since the earlier hearing last October and no indication had been given over whether he intended to practice again in the UK, the fitness to practice panel heard.

Ryan Donoghue, for the General Medical Council, said the "potential risk to patients" remained as Dr Sherazi had not engaged with the disciplinary process.

Panel chairman Colin Chapman, ordering Dr Sherazi's erasure from the medical register, said the 2019 tribunal had made clear it thought the doctor's deficient professional performance could be rectified.

Mr Chapman added: "The tribunal was of the view that Dr Sherazi’s failure to engage with his professional regulator had become persistent.

"It was not satisfied that suspension would be sufficient to protect patients, promote and maintain public confidence in the profession, and to uphold standards and conduct for members of the profession."