A CLASH is looming between union leaders and a bus firm running services through Bury - which could end in a strike.

Proposals have been drafted by bosses at Go North West for 500 drivers to accept a one-off £5,000 payout - in return for productivity improvements.

But officials at the union Unite claim that long-term the deal would leave drivers £2,000 a year worse off.

And they claim union reps have been given a "dressing down" by managing director Nigel Featham, ahead of a vote over the offer.

Last week Mr Featham released a statement insisting working practices at their Greater Manchester depot dated back to the 1980s.

Go North West has been around since last summer, when it took over a number of First GM routes, including the X63, the 135 97 and 98 buses, between Manchester and Bury, the 93 route betweeen the city and Prestwich, and the 95 from Bury to Salford Shopping City.

The offer made by management, according to the union, would mean drivers taking on more cash handling and cleaning duties.

Mr Featham said: "There are some real throwbacks in there and while individually these may seem harmless, together they add up to a huge waste of resource each year."

He said the alternative to their plans could eventually be redunancies and cuts to services.

Steve Davies, Unite regional officer, said: "The company has focused its demands for financial cutbacks on the bus drivers alone – and the top bosses and backroom staff are exempt, which smacks of discrimination.

“We recognise that the whole country and the transport sector are going through difficult times because of the pandemic.

"But Unite is not going to stand by as our members are forced to take a severe hit to their pay packets."

The union has called on the company to enter into further negotiations. A ballot over the current offer is expected to take place later this week.