THE speed limit will be slashed on four stretches of motorway in a bid to reduce air pollution.

Highways England is set to introduce the trial ­— which includes on the Eccles Interchange ­—in the coming weeks saying needs to be taken to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

The organisation adds that it expects there will be a reduction in NO2 when traffic speed is reduced from 70 to 60mph and if the trial is successful, the speed limit will remain in place until the air quality improves and nitrogen dioxide levels are within the legal limits.

The trial will take place at

M602 junctions 1 to 3 Eccles

M6 junctions 6 to 7 Witton

M1 junctions 34s to 33 Rotherham

M5 junctions 1 to 2 Oldbury

The agency says the reduced speed limits will have a negligible impact on journeys.

The length of road covered by the limit will be up to 4.5 miles, so the impact on journey times from 70mph to 60 will be minimal.