LAST week’s winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw was Matthew Settle, from Sterling Properties.

Upon finding that Matthew wasn’t working in the office, the Made in Bury team tried to let him know over the phone.

But he was quite the challenge to get hold of! So, they sent a little Facebook message to tell him the fantastic news.

The team quickly received a phone call from Matthew, letting them know he’d seen the message and he was delighted to have won the £2,000.

He hadn’t quite decided what he would like to spend the money on but they’re sure it won’t take him long to decide.

Matthew has been the director of Sterling Properties for 10 years after working his way up through the company.

His passion and drive for the business has helped them become the success they are today.

Sterling Properties are a leading property management agent with over 20 years of residential lettings.

They own a vast portfolio of retail units, office developments and industrial sites, as well as an array of residential properties in all areas of the North West.

Made in Bury would like to thank Sterling Properties for supporting the draw.