AN ex-drug addict was found with a stolen TV in his home after he tried to use a pilfered bank card to buy scratch cards and tobacco.

Wayne Long, 42, was caught with the stolen goods when police tracked him from two Tottington shops, where he had attempted to commit fraud.

Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard how at around 12.30pm on October 12 last year, victim Martin Bryant had headed out on a day trip to Manchester with two friends from London who were staying at his Tottington home.

The trio had left the property locked and the security alarm was set, Rachel Widdicombe, prosecuting, told the court.

While in Manchester, one of Mr Bryant’s friends, Alex Hammond, received a notification saying that his bank card had been used to purchase items worth £22.19 from Bargain Booze in Tottington at 9.23pm, Miss Widdicombe added.

Mr Hammond contacted his bank to confirm that he had not made the payment and the card was cancelled, the court heard.

Less than 10 minutes later, the card was used again to buy two scratch cards and tobacco from Tesco Express. But this time the payment was declined.

Mr Hammond and Mr Bryant returned home and found the patio door had been smashed with a large rock.

Inside they discovered that a TV, sunglasses and cash had been taken, along with Mr Hammond’s rucksack containing a MacBook, Amazon Kindle and bank cards.

Using a ‘track my device’ app the men were able to trace the stolen MacBook to another Totttington house.

They then alerted the police who spoke to the manager of Bargain Booze who said he remembered the man who had used Mr Hammond’s bank card ­— and said he was a known shoplifter ­— Miss Widdicombe said.

CCTV from Tesco Express showed it was the same person who had used the card there. Using the police database, officers tracked Long to his former address in Horridge Street, just down the road from Tesco.

He was arrested and in a search of his property police found Mr Bryant’s stolen TV.

Long pleaded guilty to fraud and handling stolen goods.

Defending, Hugh Barton told the court Long had previous issues with substance misuse but is now clean and living with his parents in Walshaw and was actively looking for work.

Long has been subject to a a curfew, which Mr Barton said equated to five-and-a-half months in custody.

Sentencing Long to a 12-month conditional discharge, Judge Paul Lawton said: “If you keep out of trouble for 12 months that will be the end of the matter. If you don’t I will sentence you for this offence and any others you commit.”