MEMBERS of an up-and-coming band, who built their own studio in lockdown, are celebrating after their new song landed airtime on national radio.

Novustory’s newest single Fool has been played by Planet Rock and BBC Radio Lancashire, the very first song recorded in their new studio.

The studio was built by music label Esche Haus Audio, which is run by two members of Novustory - 25-year-old Imogen Storey and 23-year-old James Duckworth, from Tottington.

Chris Horrocks and Ben Cross also play in the alternative rock band as drummer and guitarist.

Miss Storey said: “It’s just really great that we set up this new studio as a duo and came together to create a business from it too. We’re happy we are getting recognition for the music we make and are thankful for the support.”

The band, whose last single, Monster, also featured on streaming service BT TV, previously used a room in Blackburn’s Cathedral Studios, but their new home is bigger.

Before moving to Blackburn last year, the band used to record music in James’ shed in Tottington.

Miss Storey, who met her musical partner at university when auditioning for this band, said: “We wanted to keep costs low as possible so we decided to do things ourselves and got better at it. People asked us where did you get your recording done? So, we ended up doing it for others as well and last year we got the chance to come to Blackburn and set up properly in the Thwaites House.”

The duo took out a lease on the new studio just before lockdown, making it possible for them to renovate it during the slowdown.

Miss Storey said: “Our aim is to have bands in and to do their photoshoots as well as recording songs, we want to be able to do everything for the bands.”

“If lockdown had not happened we would have had to rush getting the studio ready in time for the bands. So, it gave us the time to make it more special and James did all the plumbing and electrics.”