FIREFIGHTERS arrived just before a blaze was set to spread into the roof of a house in Bury in the early hours of today, Tuesday.

Two fire engines were called to Victor Avenue at around 12.50am to reports of a fire at an outbuilding.

Several wheelie bins and garden furniture were ablaze with the flames close to touching the soffit board of a house.

The fire had been caused after remnants from a fire pit had spread.

Bury Fire Station watch manager Steve Wilcock: "The fire was just about to get into the roof.

"It was getting really serious.

"There was quite a lot of damage outside.

"If we arrived a minute later the roof would have been on fire and it would have gone into the house.

"We managed to extinguish the fire with two hose reels quickly.

"The woman in the house had woken up and looked out the window and seen the fire and managed to get outside with her son and call us."

Watch manager Wilcock also warned of the dangers of using pit fires.

He added: "People have got to be so careful with pit fires to make sure the ashes are completely out."

A summer house at the back of the house nearly set ablaze as well but only affected the felt on the roof.

Crews were on the scene for around 40 minutes.