LET'S be honest – we’re all a bit fed up with coronavirus, aren’t we? With the glorious exception of three weeks in July, we’ve been labouring under some form of restrictions since March.

So I totally understand frustrations, as the temperature drops and nights draw in, at not being able to see friends and relatives and pop out for some food or to the pub.

But there is hope on the horizon. In the news this week, there was serious talk a vaccine is getting closer. Initial reports are positive and I am pleased to announce we are already planning the practicalities for the mass delivery of a vaccine, should we have one approved soon.

While many of our dedicated council staff, key workers and community groups are battling Covid fatigue, there has been a huge amount of work undertaken recently. Plans are well underway to keep people well and get the local economy in the best position to recover.

The community hubs we set up have brought together the biggest ever number of local organisations and volunteers, and will play a crucial role in the coming years to provide services in people’s neighbourhoods.

Similarly, the new town centre boards in each of our localities are bringing together businesses to protect jobs, rebuild our high streets and plan for long-term success.

Our Bury Opportunity Guarantee aims to ensure no-one is left behind by creating job opportunities, improving people’s skills and boosting apprenticeships.

We’re making great progress on our ambitious plans to regenerate the heart of Bury, Prestwich and Radcliffe, with Sir Howard Bernstein leading the way on the latter.

We’re providing more accommodation and wraparound support to end rough sleeping, and using our own and Government money to ensure our children are properly fed and also have constructive leisure activities to enjoy outside school. New funding has been created, targeted at those classed as living in poverty, including those in work who often get left out of support measures.

Finally, I'm sure many of us breathed a sign of relief Donald Trump has been beaten in the American Presidential election. Not only was that a victory for decency and democracy, it was also incredibly important for important issues like tackling the global climate emergency.

For us in Bury, we should remember that the night is darkest just before the dawn and there is light starting to shine over the horizon.