RESIDENTS have voiced their concerns over the dangers of a permanent phone mast which may be built on land close to their homes.

The EE mast in Ramsbottom is currently temporary, with a "permanent solution now required" according to the planning application submitted to Bury Council.

It also hopes to provide 5G coverage for the area.

The temporary mast is currently located on a patch of land close to Fern Street, where Marlene Hession lives.

Miss Hession, who has lived there for 15 years, said that no information relating to "electronmagnetic field emmisions" had been provided.

She said: "The mast went up suddenly over the summer so I rang Bury Council and they said that they had given permission for a temporary one, but they have to apply to make it permanent within 18 months.

"I heard that they were looking at another site around 100 years north from it but the one they have here is near a playground a school.

"It's our wildlife corner and it is not in keeping with the area at all. People are really anxious and worried and it shouldn't be so close to people's gardens."

The planning application states: "The site has been carefully selected in a position that benefits from some screening effects so as to provide the required new coverage to the area whilst minimising visual intrusion for residential properties."

It adds: "On the basis of a recognised need to expand and promote telecommunications networks across the region, it is considered that the proposal fully accords with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework and Council’s Local Plan Policies."

According to the government's website, "measures are in place to reduce risks to employees and to the general public", with strict regulations monitoring exposure to radio-waves and other emissions.

It adds: "conclusions support the view that health effects are unlikely to occur if exposures are below international guideline levels."

However Marlene said that she has heard of birds falling out of the sky in the area and refuses to go near the mast for fear of her safety.

She added: "I'm not sure what happens next. I think it's a slightly different process from regular applications. A few people close to it have already made objections to it and we don't want it to become permanent."

A spokesman for Bury Council said: "This is in the consultation stage at the moment, so anyone wanting to make comments should do so via the council’s planning website."