THIEVES turned up at a community farm shop and made off with around £150 worth of food.

Fellside Farm on Bradley Fold Road in Ainsworth opened a store at its premises last March in response to the first coronavirus lockdown.

Run by Ian and Lynsey Monks, the shop has been warmly welcomed, with it offering a range of fresh produce and attracting older, more vulnerable residents.

But on Monday at around 6.30pm, Ian, 40, said a Ford Fiesta pulled up outside the shop, which is in the open, and offenders got out and raided food items and put them in the car.

Ian, who works as a builder, said he spotted the theft taking place and ran over to confront him.

After being challenged, the group got back in the car and drove away from the scene, he said.

Ian has since reported the incident to the police and CCTV images have been sent to them.

He said: "We have always had the odd person stealing but they have always came back with their cap in their hand.

"This group has probably taken around £150 worth of food from the stall.

"I think it is horrible what they have done, they have taken from a local business that is trying to help old people.

"We didn't set the shop up to earn money, we knew that we have a source of food for people and it would help people during the lockdown.

"We have older people who are shielding that come to the shop.

"We do not want to attract the type of clientele who steal from us. It could have been worse if we did not have any CCTV when it happened."

Ian said there were two men and one woman in the group, believed to be in their late 20s.

Greater Manchester Police has confirmed the force was notified of the incident on Monday evening.

Officers are investigating.

If you have any information about the shop theft contact police on 101 quoting reference number 2,312 of January 4.