FIRE officers have issued a warning after a man was left with serious burns after falling asleep with a faulty vape.

The 21-year-old Ramsbottom man woke up when the vape he was holding as he slept overheated, melted onto his skin and caught light to his duvet.

He suffered second degree burns to part of his face, scalp, ear, shoulder, arm and hand, as well as first degree burns to his torso.

His parents were able to raise the alarm before paramedics arrived and took him to Wythenshawe Hospital, which has a specialist burns unit. His injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

The vape was being charged when it overheated, leading to the unit melting and burning.

The incident happened on Tuesday, 12 January, at around 1.30pm.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has been urging people to take extra care during the national lockdown due to the greater risk of accidental fires starting in the home.

Paul Duggan, GMFRS head of prevention, said: “Faulty or substandard electrical equipment can lead to a significant risk of fire.

“We would urge people always to buy electrical products from a reputable and trusted dealer.

“The products they sell will meet the correct safety standards, whereas products bought cheaply online could pose a serious risk of fire or shock.

“We would also strongly urge people never to smoke in bed or when tired because of the risk of falling asleep and the smoking materials catching light to the bed, clothing or furniture.”