COUNCILLORS are calling for a transport operator to reverse cuts made to Prestwich bus services.

Labour councillors have drafted an open letter to Go North West calling on them to reverse withdrawals.

Reductions to services will impact the 93, 97, 98 and 135 services between Manchester and Bury.

Council leader Cllr Eamonn O’Brien (St Mary's) said: “These cuts to services come at the worst possible time for many key workers who are still relying on public transport to get to their jobs. Not only this, but there is no guarantee that when the lockdown is lifted and restrictions are eased that these services will return to normal."

The move has been backed by Cllr Richard Gold, deputy cabinet member for transport.

Cllr O'Brien said: "Our worry is when people are expected back to work, many of them will find it harder to get around or even be forced into dangerously overcrowded buses due to shortages of capacity.

“In addition to this, those who can will be more likely to use their cars instead and this will lead to worse air quality and congestion on our roads.”

The open letter, which has gathered the support of more than 500 local residents, has been sent off to Go North West and is currently awaiting a response.

Cllr Gold added: “Since launching our campaign we have had tremendous support from local residents who have expressed their anger at what is happening.

“Many of them highlighted how even the previous arrangements were sub-standard and fell well below what was needed for Prestwich.

“It was clear that residents supported our calls for more buses, not less, as well as serious improvements in the overall public transport network.

“This is something we continue to campaign for in the strongest possible way.”

This newspaper has also approached Go North West for comment.