PLANNING permission is being sought to convert part of a Prestwich grocery store into a car showroom.

The applicants are seeking to use a small section of the Best One store on Rainsough Brow, Prestwich, to create an office with a section of the parking lot used to display cars for sale.

The application also proposes the erection of a one metre grey boundary fence to the front and sides of the parking area.

"The area is in desperate need of development as there was an event of a car being abandoned by locals on the site for months," said the planning access statement supplied by surveyors Mason and Marlowe.

"The local council had to be called in to dispose of the vehicle.

"The proposals will have a negligible effect on the original features of the Property and will seek to enhance it by making the site active. All work will be undertaken to a high standard with attention to detail and with the aim to ensure original features are maintained and enhanced."

A separate application for signage will be put in, the surveyors confirmed.