A VOLKSWAGEN Polo stolen from Bury was caught by police using a stinger - a tyre deflating device coated in spikes - in Rochdale on Wednesday night.

The stinger was deployed on Newhey Road at around midnight.

Three people were arrested and the car was recovered with only damage to the tyres. No details on when the car was stolen have been released.

Greater Manchester Traffic Police praised the Road Police Unit (RPU) Sergeant for his work with the stinger and joked that he had earned his 'stinger stripes'.

A photo shows the stinger on the path after it had been removed from the road.

Traffic police said: "RPU Sergeant has just earned his stinger stripes on an outstanding stolen VW Polo from Bury, bringing it to a stop on Newhey Road, Rochdale with three arrested and vehicle recovered with only tyre damage.

"He also made me post this as he's proud of himself."