This Morning presenter Alice Beer has come under fire from viewers for a segment on Thurday’s show as driving tests resumes in England and Wales.

Alice stood outside a test centre in Essex as she spoke to hosts Rochelle Humes and Philip Schofield on the ITV show describing the scene as “flipping hilarious”.

Learner drivers are under increased pressure to pass as test centres face a backlog amid lockdown restrictions.

Alice said: “Can I tell you though, if you ever want a morning’s entertainment, forget Netflix, pull up a chair and park it outside a driving test centre.

“We’ve had it all this morning - we’ve had the kangarooing, we’ve had somebody nearly clip the gates as they came out on their test.

“We’ve had braking, honestly I can’t tell you, it’s been a white-knuckle ride just watching it, but it is flipping hilarious.

“It’s really good value for money.”

Drivers face a 17-week wait if they fail their test due to the backlog, something Rochelle sympathised with.

She said: “As if they’re not nervous enough, here we are putting them on national television.”

The segment sparked outrage from viewers on social media, quick to criticise Alice Beer’s comments.

One viewer said: “Think this was out of order people already nervous with taking a test let alone a camera on them pulling out. Think this was not fair to the learners.”

"As if taking a driving test wasn’t stressful enough, having Alice Beer and the tv cameras outside filming you is going to freak them out,” added another.

A third viewer agreed: “They are already nervous! Might be good not to make fun of them!”

“As if taking your driving test wasn’t bad enough without having Alice Beer and telly cameras standing right in the way as you pull out of the centre,” added another.

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