An artisan bakery business which opened during lockdown is proving to be one of Radcliffe Market’s most popular attractions.

Lorna Black, 27, previously worked in TV as a costume supervisor on shows including Coronation Street and The Crown, but with the industry completely shutting down last year she decided to pursue her passion for sourdough baking and opened Lo So Do in Summer 2020.

“Thankfully as a bread seller I was classed as an essential trader so I’ve been open all the way through,” said Lorna. “But it has been so nice to see other traders come back over the last few weeks.

“It’s a great atmosphere in the market because for the last few months we were just left to our own devices. Now there are new traders opening and seeing customers heading back makes me feel it’s all heading in the right direction and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Sourdough is made from flour, water and salt and is left to slowly ferment with the help of naturally occurring yeast in the environment with Lorna taking her inspiration from bakeries in France and Spain.

“Thankfully during lockdown I think more people became aware of the importance of shopping locally,” she said. “Maybe people were a bit afraid of visiting the supermarkets but that has meant my business has excelled since I started.

“I’m hoping people don’t go back to their old ways and also that the market begins to attract people from outside Radcliffe which is want we all want.

“Lockdown gave me the opportunity to really pursue the baking, like a lot of people were, and originally I was selling the bread from home.

“I got in touch with Radcliffe Market and opened with just one small unit last August and now I have expanded to two.”

Lorna says she is bringing a “different attitude” to the market and it is one she hopes continues to pay off.

“In the past maybe the market was a bit ‘old school’ and cheap cheerful,” she added. “I think people now want better quality products and to support their local community.”