A NEW gym in Bury has celebrated its grand opening with a visit from the Mayor of Bury.

Stealth Gym Bury, at Victoria House on Wood Street, opened on June 7, after a long period of six months of being built, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Mayor Cllr Tim Pickstone, who also came in and inspected the premises.

The gym’s managers and owners are keen to welcome intermediate to advanced gym-goers wanting a more bespoke fitness experience, creating an atmosphere where members treat the high-end equipment with respect.

Owners of the gym said they wanted to be selective about their members, making sure to only accept people who would treat the gym with care.

Already the gym has earned a lot of respect in the fitness community, with 40 per cent of the current members being either personal trainers or fitness professionals.

At the recommendation of Cllr Tamoor Tariq, they contacted the Mayor’s office to see if he would attend the opening.

Cllr Pickstone led the ceremony and even sampled some of the equipment.

Gym spokesman Gaffar Ahmed said: “When we found out that mayor would be coming, I didn’t quite believe it.

“I thought it would be really nice of him to come but that it was just one of those things that never actually happens. It was fantastic to have him.”

While the gym was being designed, everyone had an equal say in the design of the interior as it was intended to be as democratic a process as possible, so that everyone could be happy with the end result.

Staff have been enthused about the opportunities given to have an input into how the operation runs and can benefit the people who put their faith in them.

Cllr Pickstone said: “I was very impressed with the facilities.

“It was great to meet the team and I wish them all the very best in the future.”