A CANNABIS farm using a "particularly advanced" electricity bypass has been discovered in Radcliffe.

Officers made the discovery at around 9am on Thursday, July 8 2021 after the Radcliffe Neighbourhood Team executed a warrant on a terraced property on Victoria Street.

Inside, officers discovered a cannabis farm where the electricity being used to grow the drug was coming from a bypassed electricity meter.

PS Irish, Neighbourhood Sergeant for Radcliffe, said: "This farm was on a terraced street in a densely populated estate.

"Our main concern remains the issue of unqualified persons tampering with the electricity in a selfish manner, putting others at risk and worryingly the bypass was particularly advanced."

"This farm was a major fire hazard, and my staff were pleased with the discovery."

A man was arrested at the scene and charged with the production of cannabis and the abstraction of electricity.

The electricity was made safe and turned off by Electricity North West protecting residents.

Anyone who has information on cannabis farms and other drug activity in the local area, is strongly encouraged to contact Greater Manchester Police on 101, or the independent charity, Crimestoppers, on 0800 555 111, or online.