COUNCIL bosses have apologised to householders for delays to having their rubbish collected after new bin rounds were introduced

Town hall chiefs unveiled new collection rounds from June 21 in a bid to improve efficiency and provide a better service to residents.

But residents have complained of severe delays to collections and ‘excuses’ from the council.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “The first week our green bins were collected six days late and this week, our second week, our blue bins are now two days late to be collected and it is unlikely they will be collected before Monday or Tuesday.

“We get ‘update’ emails to say ‘unfortunately we have had difficulties emptying the bins today due to staff familiarising themselves with the new rounds’.

“Which is just a standard poor excuse.

“This was followed up with a different message that due to further vehicle breakdowns, they have been unable to return for your bin as stated in our previous email.

“So one day they are struggling to familiarise themselves with new routes and the next day they are having breakdowns.

“They can’t even get their stories right. It is so obvious that they have reduced their teams and increased the collections.

“The teams obviously can’t handle the workload and we are the ones who suffer.”

The council said the new rounds will save more than £150,000 per year and reduce mileage by at least 4,600 miles per year.

Carbon emissions will also be reduced which will help towards climate change targets.

The new routes will be complemented by a fleet of 19 new vehicles, with 12 in service now and a further seven by the autumn.

Cllr Alan Quinn, cabinet member for the environment, climate change and operations, said: “There has been some disruption as the collection teams

adjust to the new rounds, and we apologise to residents whose bins have not been collected as scheduled.

“We have now caught up with all the grey bin non-recycleable collections that were outstanding, and are working to recover the remaining recycling collections.

“Covid has also had an impact, as a number of our crew members have had to self-isolate.

“The crews have done a great job keeping this vital service going throughout the pandemic.

“We collect 125,000 bins every week from 86,000 households and, despite these difficulties, we are still collecting 98 per cent of the bins on time.”