A POET will be honoured at the Globe Theatre alongside two of the children he helped mentor during lockdown.

Oliver James Lomax teamed up with pupils from Unsworth Academy, who wrote the poem, Togetherness and Unity, which then polished and edited by the poet.

The poem was then recorded into the spoken word and set to music by Damien Riley, of the indie rock band Our Fold.

He will be travelling to the capital with students Ben Morris and Theo Taylor.

Oliver said: “I love connecting with young people through poetry.

“This has diminished during lockdown and it has become a far greater priority to focus on helping children maintain a baseline of moderate success with their academics.

“I’m passionate about the working class, so it is very important to me to help children in working class areas.

“There is a wide spectrum of different learning abilities and I wanted to create something that would be accessible for all.”

Oliver added: “I always tell people that the written page is completely democratic and that anyone can have a say. Language can take you anywhere from that humble place at your desk all the way to the Globe Theatre.

“The quote, ‘you look at the world once, and the rest is just a memory’ really speaks to me because children use language in a really raw and honest way that some adults lose.

“I find myself learning from them, and I love watching them empowering themselves and take real pride and ownership over something they’ve created, which is key to building confidence.”

English teacher Sarah Leech said: “The process of putting this poem together, from conception to actualisation has been amazing.

“The poem is an honest depiction of the truth that the children have been experiencing during lockdown and they have been so vibrant and enthusiastic.

“It’s their poem more than anything and I’m so glad that they took to it so well.”

Togetherness and Unity is designed to convey the thoughts and feelings of some of Unsworth Academy’s most vulnerable children during the pandemic, tackling everything from mundane daily struggles to Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd protests.