A NEW emergency defibrillator has been fitted in Radcliffe.

The device is on Harper Fold Road, near Bolton Road Community Centre.

It was put in place by the Cams Lane Neighbourhood Watch Group, which raised over £2000 and have just bought the equipment, with contributions from the local Rotary Club and two Radcliffe First councillors.

Des Duncalfe, a group member, decided to begin raising money after a 56-year-old died of a heart attack in the area two years ago.

Mr Duncalfe said: “ I realised there was a demand for this so I told the other members of the group who have been fantastic in helping to make it happen.

“We’re all immensely proud we managed to get it done. We do as much as we can to help support this community.”

The defibrillator has been registered with the North West Ambulance Service, which holds the record and access codes which can be sent to anyone using the device.

This defibrillator also comes with a voiceover tutorial, guiding the user through the process of resuscitation.

By placing the pads on a patient’s chest, the user begins the process of the defibrillator analysing the heart of the patient, which will then administer a shock based on the requirement.

It joins a group of defibrillators around Radcliffe, including one at Ainsworth Road, Trinity Baptist Church, in Westminster Avenue, and Radcliffe Snooker Club in Abden Street.

Mr Duncalfe added: “There will be maintenance costs, to regularly replace the pads, however I’m fully confident that the Neighbourhood Watch group will be more than able to raise the money when the need arises.”

After another member of the group is able to fit an internal heater to keep the device warm during the winter months, the defibrillator is expected to be officially open for use by the end of the week.