A NEW sustainability company run by two dads has received a huge six-figure investment to help upscale its tree planting and footprint reduction services.

Prestwich-based Play It Green launched last spring to help businesses come up with cost effective solutions to become more environmentally-friendly.

Not just for businesses, they also allow individuals the chance to take action for the same price as a cup of coffee per month.

Amaris Group Limited has now given a generous investment to support the company’s expansion, enabling it to accelerate the implementation of its business plan, including new product development and commercial offerings.

Chris Thair, Play It Green’s CEO, who runs the business with fellow dad Richard Dickson, said: “We are excited to take this next step in our company journey and to partner with the Amaris Group brings a wealth of additional benefits to the business. It allows us to accelerate our growth plans into markets such as professional sport, Europe and the United States.

“This will certainly increase our profile and continue to highlight the importance of understanding our carbon impact personally and as a business, and how to take positive steps to help reduce it.”

Scott Pickavance, Amaris’ CEO, added: “We believe that their carbon re-balancing proposition leveraging their interactive digital platform are an invaluable tool for individuals and organisations to drive towards a more sustainable future and increase engagement into the effects of climate change.

“The integration of Play It Green into our current investment portfolio of businesses and future acquisitions is an exciting prospect for us at Amaris Group and we truly see Play It Green being and integral part of the group’s environmental and social strategy moving forward.”

Thair further emphasized the market for robust and reliable consumer and commercial footprint reduction technological solutions is currently accelerating in its growth.

He added: “Tree planting is critical to reducing CO2, the main greenhouse gas, in our atmosphere. By planting trees monthly, you are removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than you produce and at the same time supporting communities by creating jobs.

“By reducing your footprint through behaviour change and sustainable choices; it means you are doing more to help fight climate change, leaving a legacy and making a difference.”