A BABY who is less than four months old is set to break the world record for learning to stand up and walk.

Delilah Moore, from Radcliffe, has been standing up on her own since turning 12 weeks and is now 16 weeks old.

Born on March 21, she showed little interest in being carried by her parents and insisted on using sofas and other furniture to stand up.

The current world record for a baby learning to stand and walk unaided is Freya Minter, from Essex, who learned to walk at just six months in 2019.

Most youngsters do not manage this on their own until turning a year old.

“She’s really strong in her legs, and I’m just so proud and astonished,” said mum Samantha Robinson.

“My partner and I had to wait a year to have a little girl and we ended up with Delilah, who is just mind-blowing.

“At first we didn’t realise her being able to walk so soon was so special.

“It was only after others told us how unusual it was that we did some research and found out that she was so far ahead.

“Me and her dad didn’t learn to walk particularly quickly, so I really have no idea where she has got this talent from.

“It’d be great to break the world record but even if she doesn’t, it’s so cool that she’s already doing so well.

“We’ll be over the moon if she pulls it off, plus it will be something to embarrass her about on her 18th birthday in front of all her friends.”

Delilah’s dad and Samantha’s fiancee and partner, tiler Danny Moore, said: “She’s a little ahead of the game and I think it would shock a lot of people. The way she’s going, she will do it once she can stand up on her own and get her balance.”

The couple plan to apply for a position in the Guinness Book of World Records 2022.