PLANS have been submitted to Bury Council to build a new property in Prestwich on the site of demolished house.

The large six bedroom house with first floor balcony on Sheepfoot Lane was described by architects Chang and Associates Ltd as "in an unkempt condition with overgrown vegetation areas creating an untidy and unattractive addition to the streetscape".

They added: "The existing plan made for a cluttered and disjointed layout which is not suited for a large family house.

"However, due to the poor condition of the structure identified during construction

works, the existing house was fully demolished. Therefore, the client is now applying for full planning permission for a new build house.

"The existing dwelling was found to have no foundations and the existing walls were in a poor condition, showing the need to fully demolish, construct new foundations and replace the existing dwelling.

"This will create a high quality and structurally safe family home."

"The existing site has been left overgrown and in disrepair. The new proposal will therefore have a positive impact on the area with high quality design and material."

The proposed new house is described as being a "two-storey dwelling with basement, accommodation in roof and associated landscaping."