Eamonn Holmes has spoken out after his comments to Dr Zoe Williams sparked outrage on social media.

During yesterday’s (12 August) episode of ITV’s This Morning, Eamonn was speaking to Dr Zoe Williams via video link.

Dr Williams is the show’s medical expert and she came on the show to talk about the health headlines.

She said they’d be talking about “how your health can be benefitted from gardening and even alpacas.”

In response, Eamonn said: “Alpacas are very much in the news- your hair reminds me of an alpaca today

“You just wanna pet it don’t you- it’s very ‘alpaca-ish’,” he said gesturing with a petting motion.

In response, Dr Zoe Williams said with a laugh: “Don’t touch my hair!”

His comment sparked an outcry on social media with viewers flocking to social media to discuss his response.

'Eamonn Holmes' even started trending on Twitter.

Alan Turkington said: “Just a normal day on @ITV and @ThisMorning with Eamonn Holmes telling a woman of colour her hair ‘reminds him of an alpaca’.

“Nothing to see here.”



One person said: “This is why MANY black women avoid wearing their natural hair to work ... even on Zoom in the comforts of their own home. Eamonn... disgusting.”

Former X-Factor stars, Jedward, even joined in on the conversation.

They said: “Your hair looks like dust that needs to be hoovered up have respect for all your guests.”

Eamonn Holmes needs to ACTUALLY apologise - for being racist,” said another

“What he said was racist and we need to be clear about that”.

Doctor Zoe Williams (Photo: Instagtam/@drzoewilliams)

However, Eamonn Holmes has since spoken out and issued a public apology on the matter.



In a tweet he wrote: “Hey everyone out there. if my attempt at being humorous with my friend @DrZoeWilliams was misjudged I am mortified and humbly apologise to anyone who was offended”.

More that 1000 people commented on his apology tweet.

One person said: “This isn’t your first rodeo at these types of ‘jokes’ mate.

“You called a black woman uppity, sir. There’s a pattern and it’s not a good look”.

Another said: “What's wrong with a straight forward 'I'm sorry' instead of blaming others and phrasing this as if people are being too sensitive.

“You're not sorry you just want people to leave you alone.”

Another said: “Making jokes about a black woman’s hair is never being ‘humorous’ especially when comparing it to an animal.

“Eamonn I appreciate you felt this was in good humour, but please do better.”

Dr Zoe Williams has not yet issued a public statement about the comments.

You can catch up on This Morning via the ITV Hub.