After a year of delays, Bury Art Society was finally able to stage its annual exhibition.

The exhibition is taking place at Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre.

It was opened by Bury Deputy Mayor and the Deputy Mayor’s Consort, Cllr Shaheena Haroon and Raja Haroon Khan, and was attended by society members and members of the public.

The Deputy Mayor gave out the following awards: Millennium Award – Gill Pollitt for ‘Herdies’, Tommy Valentine Landscape Award – Irene Cotterell for ‘Mousehole Harbour, Cornwall’, David Swithenbank Award – Anna Hiley for ‘Mediterranean Garden’, Mary Edyvean Award – Phil Raynes for ‘Peonies and Foxgloves’, Life Image Award – Judy Turner for ‘Gemma: Identity Subsumed’.

This year’s exhibition paid special tribute with a memorial wall in memory of three Bury Art Society members who died in 2019, Wright Platt, Derek White and Phil Jones.

Intended to show the artistic talent of the people of Bury, the exhibition runs until October 2, and invites the public to vote for their favourite painting which will be awarded the ‘Mary Shaw People’s Prize.’

Cllr Haroon said: “This was a great exhibition, and the paintings were so lovely.

“Of course, due to Covid, everything had to be delayed last year, so they were looking forward to another exhibit.

“I was very impressed by all the talent and hard work and I really appreciate how well they reflect on Bury, its culture and natural beauty.

“I am very pleased to say it was the best exhibition I have ever seen and was encouraged that so many people have come forward to show off their talents.”

Reflecting on the death of three of the society’s members, Cllr Haroon added: “It was very sad to hear of their loss.

"We will miss them and their tireless work for the society will be fondly remembered.”