A NEW theatre company has produced a play intended to provoke dialogue about race and radicalisation.

Produced by Out of Context Theatre, ‘I am George Massey’ tells the story of a man from Prestwich, who becomes radicalised while facing his own mental health demons, blending the genres of comedy and tragedy.

Out of Context Theatre is a non-profit theatre company which seeks to use local artists and actors to explore issues specific to a local area.

‘I am George Massey’ is about someone born and raised in Prestwich who wants to be seen as human in a time of mental turmoil and poses the question of how someone would be radicalised and what needs to happen.

The play examines how a person’s state of mental wellbeing can be exploited and lead them down a road of extremism and how currently, a large proportion of ethnically white people are being arrested on terror charges.

Ramsbottom-born Stephen Dee, the company's writer, said: “I think this is a very important issue and I believe theatre needs to explore things which are difficult to talk about.”

Jon Walker, director and producer, added: “This is a show based on a partial truth and explores the relationship between the vulnerabilities caused by mental health and the darker sides of social media.

“George has depression and anxiety from a young age and is and out of the mental health system, in a moment of darkness, he has an encounter with a stranger on the internet and the subconscious ideas of terrorism.”

I Am George Massey will debut at the Greater Manchester Fringe at the Anthony Burgess Foundation on September 17 and 18.

Jon and Stephen met in 2017 whilst performing ‘Billy Liar’ with a local theatre group and bonded over their similar approach to theatre and developed the play together. Tickets are available for the production online.