Very has the best excuse of all to start its festive preparations early this year.

The online retailer is the first major store to release a Christmas advert for the 2021 festive period.

The TV advert, which will air on ITV tonight at 9pm, is one for the Christmas fanatics who can't wait swap out Halloween costumes for Santa hats.

With still 85 days to go, it seems that the only excuse we need to get into the festive spirit early is that it's Christmas.

Bury Times: A family ready for Christmas. Credit: VeryA family ready for Christmas. Credit: Very

Very believe that Christmas is the ultimate excuse to get away with anything.

Their 30-second advert shows a very bewildered group of trick-or-treaters who arrive at a house that is fully trimmed in Christmas lights and festive garden decorations. 

The family are all wearing matching Christmas jumpers as they spruce up their tree and kit out their dog with antler accessories.

Answering the front door to a young pirate, witch and mummy, the festive fans give them a mince pie each as their "treat".

The advert follows a crol singers' renditon of "Holly Jolly Christmas" with a fun new twist.

The song has updated lyrics that remind us that Christmas is the best excuse of the year to get away with so many things we wouldn’t ordinarily do.

It's a chance to cover our house in lights (and not worry about the energy bill) and wear coordinated Christmas jumpers that at any other time of year would be cringe to do so.

Very also reminds parents that it is a perfect excuse to get their kids to help around the house and stay on the nice list, just in time for the big day.

Watch the first Christmas advert of 2021

Carly O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer at The Very Group, said: “At Very, our mantra is about enabling people to purchase what they need – be it treats or everyday items – that create joy “this Very moment”.

"After Christmas was pared back for many last year by last-minute lockdowns, we wanted to get into the spirit early and unashamedly embrace the season as soon as the leaves start to fall.

"As the ultimate Christmas enthusiasts and champions of now, we have focused on empowering and enabling our customers to say yes to all the excuses that make their Christmas so wonderful.”

According to Very data, people have already been searching for Christmas-related items since early August.

People have been searching for these products earlier this year which inspired Very to make their Christmas comeback on October 1 instead.

The advert is the start of Very's multimedia Christmas campaign running throughout the festive period.

Very hope that it will inspire its customers to "unashamedly embrace the excuses that are unique to the season and make Christmas so special".