Up-and-coming independent bands can finally return to a Bury music shop for a series of live music events.

HMV’s Bury store will once again, host ambitious acts as part of Manchester’s Live and Local campaign this month.

The campaign was started by HMV, which has asked store managers to get in touch with independent, unsigned musicians to help promote their music.

Featuring in this year’s event on Saturday, October 23, is Design Rewind, a Manchester-based duo performing classic rock, and New York-born singer-songwriter, Risa Hall.

Also playing live at Bury’s store on November 6 will be alternative acoustic rock quartet, Blazing Snowmen.

Steve Toolan, the Bury store manager, said: “I can’t put it into words how excited I am for this event, its brilliant for me personally as a music fan, but also it’s very important for the store.

“For us, to be part of this is quite an honour and we get a real buzz out of it, but this is something for the fans to enjoy first and foremost.

“Music is nothing without live shows and we have unfortunately missed it for a long time, but I’m happy to see it make a return.

“To have these great musicians playing live to a store full of music fans is a real treat and I can’t wait."

Live and Local began in 2019 and saw the music store chain team up with a variety of local artists to help them promote their music and get signed by music distributors.

Previous Live and Local events saw bands such as Fragile Audio, James Holt, Jay Dunn, Cobain Jones and The Recreation.

Steve added: “I’m really excited for this year’s event."