A FLEDGLING rap singer built up a a career with a top industry name while he waited more than three years to be sentenced for dealing drugs, a court heard. 

Thomas Clark, known professionally as Tommy the Spitter, had even recorded with an associate of Jay Z, Manchester Crown Court was told.

In May 2018 Clark was caught in a hired car in Nuttall Mews in Whitefield in May 2018 by police, prosecutors said.

Two men he was with fled the scene and he tried to discard a black holdall bag, the court heard.

But a search of the bag and vehicle revealed he was in possession of quantities of cannabis, ketamine and cocaine.

Adrian Farrow, prosecuting, said there was one set of 738 grams of cannabis flowering heads, which were likely to be sold in deals, with a likely value of between £4,100 and £6,200.

There was also a knotted wrap of ketamine worth around £270 to £280.

Mr Farrow also said there was 16.69 grammes of cocaine, of around 80 per cent purity, with a value of around £660.

As well as this he said there were two other lots of cannabis, the second of which was valued at between £230 and £400.

The police also found a box with had £1,200 in cash and Clark’s passport inside.

Clark, 30, of Knights Close, Prestwich, appeared in court to be sentenced after admitting three counts of possession of drugs with intent to supply them.

Frances Hertzog, defending, said he had intended to sell the ketamine and cocaine to a friend for £20 and the cannabis was the main drug he was dealing.

She said her client had gone to some effort to turn his life around in the time he had been waiting to be sentenced, including by starting businesses and a career in music.

Ms Hertzog told the court: “He is a rap artist, he started that career around three years ago.

“He has a Youtube channel, he has around 1,500 subscribers.

“He has played his first live concert in Norfolk.

“He has made a track with an American, Beanie Sigel, who is a contact of Jay Z.”

She said the progress he had made in life could be lost if he was jailed.

Passing sentence, Recorder Carwyn Cox said: “I accept you are taking steps to try and build careers. These are in their very very early stages.”

Mr Recorder Cox jailed him for 32 months.

After hearing this, Clark said to the judge: “Thank-you for your sentence.”

Mr Recorder Cox replied: “Thank you, I appreciate you are off now but I wish you the best for your future.”