ROTARIANS are doing their first 'Wrap Up' Scheme in Bury to help the many people who will be struggling to keep warm this winter.

Wrap Up Bury is a two-week long project that involves the collection of donated warm coats from the public which are then given to charities helping people in great need.

Patrick Neininger, a volunteer at Tottington and Bury West Rotary Club, said it is important people help those in need.

He said: “This is a project that’s been going on for a number of years in various other places but it’s never happened in Bury, before this year.

“There is quite a need for coats in winter, especially for the homeless but also people who are fairly poor.

“There are also some children who go to school without proper winter coats, so it’s important people help out.

“I hope we will continue to do this in future years. This year we have a new member who is keen to take this project further in future years.”

Coats can be donated at Tesco Woodfields, Co-op Mile Lane, Morrison’s in Whitefield and Ramsbottom, the Tottington Centre and Safestore Crostons Road Bury.

The coats will be distributed via a range of charitable organisations in the Bury area.

Among the receiving charities will be children’s centres, organisations for the elderly and crisis causes.

These charities are The Eagles Wing, the BAME Project, and AFRICAB, which will all ensure donations are distributed to those individuals and families in the area who really need help.

A spokesman for Wrap Up Bury said: “There are many people in Bury who live in very difficult circumstances who we know will struggle to keep warm during the coming winter.

“Family budgets are being stretched by the effects of the pandemic along with rising food and fuel prices.

“Within our community there are also homeless people, refugees and asylum seekers, women and children who have escaped family violence.

“Please help by providing us with coats which can then be distributed to those most in need.”

The collections will end on November 8.