The official Christmas countdown begins on November 28, which is the first day of advent, meaning it's time to start Christmas shopping!

The Toy Retailers Association has rounded up the best toys out at the moment, just in time for Christmas

If Lego is what you're after, or your child is more of a Barbie fan, we've got all the best toys out at the moment and prices start at just £10.99. 

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Here are the top 12 Dream Toys and what the industry experts thought of them... 

Barbie Dreamtopia Colour Change Mermaid, £24.99

Any age

This Barbie is perfect for bathtime, dip her into hot water and her bright rainbow tail changes to pastel colours. Put her into cold water and her tail will change again. 

The experts particularly loved that it’s available in two different skin tones, showing a step in the right direction for diversity.

Bluey Family Home Playset, £39.99

Children aged 3+ 

Popular TV series on CBeebies and Disney+ comes to life with the Blue Heeler pup and his own home.

Complete with 10 accessories and an open-fronted home this is perfect for any child aged over three years old. 

Cocomelon Deluxe JJ Interactive Doll, £39.99

Children aged 2+

The experts loved that this doll was a boy, which is very rare for children's dolls. 

Children can feed him food, undress and dress him, and he sings songs and makes a cute baby giggle sound.

Gassy Gus, £24.99

Children aged 4+ 

The only game to make it into the top 12, Gassy Gus is a greedy man. Players take it in turns to feed Gus with a foodie card, each of which has a number on it.

You then have to pump his head the number of times written on that card, which inflates his stomach.

Once he gets full, he lets out a big fart and a chuckle, and whoever made him do that has to pick up cards. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins.

Bury Times: Included in the top 12 is Barbie, Hot Wheels and Gassy Gus (Dream Toys/PA)Included in the top 12 is Barbie, Hot Wheels and Gassy Gus (Dream Toys/PA)

Hot Wheels Massive Loop Mayhem, £54.99

Children 5+ 

This set comes with a huge loop, motor and booster to create the biggest car smash-ups.

If you’re looking for something that will entertain for hours, without you necessarily having to get involved, this will certainly do the job. But it is big, so you’ll need plenty of space to set it up.

Jurassic World Scorpios Rex, £31.99

Children 4+ 

This is a large-scale realistic dinosaur action figure, with moving parts.

Press buttons to activate the roar, claw slash, tail whip and slash and grab attack.

L.O.L. Surprise Movie Magic Doll, £10.99

Any age

Encased in small round balls, each LOL doll comes with 10 surprises, including a secret message, 3D glasses, a fashion outfit and a movie script.

This is perfect for a Christmas stocking filler and the diverse skin tones get extra points from the experts. 

Little Live Pets My Pig Piggly, £24.99

Children aged 4+ 

Children can feed, walk and nuzzle the pig while it squeals and snorts.

Playing over 25 sounds and reactions, this is perfect for any child that wants a pet. 

Bury Times: Also on the list is LOL Surprise!, Pokemon and Star Wars (Dream Toys/PA)Also on the list is LOL Surprise!, Pokemon and Star Wars (Dream Toys/PA)

Magic Mixies Cauldron, £69.99

Children aged 5-8

While this is expensive, the experts said this toy has the "wow factor". 

Children can mix a potion and create their own magical creature, something any child would love to do!

Paw Patrol Chase’s Deluxe Transforming Vehicle, £44.99

Children aged 3+

Featuring Chase the dog, kids can push the car’s spoiler to armour up his Deluxe Vehicle, revealing a launcher at the back which shoots discs. 

Perfect for any Paw Patrol lover, but the experts noted it was very plastic heavy. 

Pokemon 8” Plush Pikachu, £13.99

Children aged 2+ 

This is a cute stocking filler for any Pokemon lover, made from super soft fabric it is perfect for bedtime cuddles. 

Lego Star Wars Boba Fett’s Starship, £44.99

Children aged 9+ 

Containing 593 pieces, this detailed version of Boba Fett’s Starship comes with stud shooters, rotating dual blaster cannons, Boba Fett and The Mandalorian LEGO mini-figures with weapons, a Carbonite brick and a transporter vehicle.