Top Gear returns for its 31st series on the BBC on Sunday with Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris returning to present.

Being able to film abroad for the first time in 18 months gives the programme a bit more to play with in terms of challenges, and there are a whole bunch to contend with.

Tackling the Icelandic wilderness in some British 'classics' which are unsuitable for the terrain encompasses one of those, whilst the trio also head to Cornwall to reinvent the camping holiday with some new electric cars.

They'll also be battling it out with some F1 drivers, paying tribute to legendary rider Eddie Kidd OBE with a motorbike stunt spectacular and testing out a few supercars.

Paddy McGuinness spoke ahead of the series launch about what works well in presenting with Flintoff, Harris and himself.

He said: "Our chemistry comes naturally. You watch a lot of shows and people are striving for that chemistry. But it either happens or it doesn’t, and from the off it just happened for us without even trying.

"Even when we were messing about together before we had even filmed an episode, it was insane. Nothing is off limits with us. We have a great laugh off camera, as well as on it. I think that’s why it’s been such a success - because people believe us. Long may it continue!"

When does the new series of Top Gear start?

The first episode of the 31st series will air on BBC One at 8pm on Sunday November 14.

It will then be made available online via BBC iPlayer once it has finished.

Four episodes will be shown in total, each airing at the same time on the following three Sundays.

Top Gear will begin airing at 8pm on BBC One on Sunday November 14.