It's almost that magical time of the year when Coca Cola's Christmas truck rolls up.

It's one of the stranger new festive traditions with some believing it is a little too commercialised.

But if you're one of the ever-growing Coca Cola truck fan base, Christmas isn't Christmas until you've queued up in a car park to see a lorry.

It is so popular that there's even dedicated fan groups on social media for truck watch. 

One Facebook group - known as the Christmas 2021 Coca Cola Truck Tour - has over 1.4k people guessing the truck's route. 

What is the Coca Cola Christmas truck - and why is it so popular?

The truck, which is big and red and covered in lights and has Father Christmas on the side, first appeared in the company's 'Holidays Are Coming' advert 22 years ago.

It has been touring the UK every Christmas since 2011 and usually stops by 40 locations before the big day.

The truck is lit by 372 big bulbs and 8,772 fairy lights.

Fans get into the festive spirit as they meet Santa, pick up free cans of Coke and queue to get their picture taken with the lorry.

When is the Coca Cola Christmas truck tour in 2021?

Coca Cola has so far not released details of dates or locations for this year's appearance.

But there speculation is already growing online. 

The brand has been replying to truck fans on Twitter - leaving us all with a feeling of suspense.

On November 15, Coca Cola told one follower: "Keep your eyes on our socials..."

Coca Cola also replied to another fan: "We're just recruiting the last of our reindeer..."

It's our guess that it won't be long until the Coca Cola truck's UK tour is announced.