NEW boardwalks and fresh orchards are being suggested for a green haven which serves several communities.

Proposals have been drafted to improve Chapelfield Nature Reserve, between Radcliffe and Whitefield, which are now open for public consultation.

Environmental consultants Proffitts, a community interest company, want the public’s views on a series of suggestions for the retreat.

Under the masterplan, pathways would be upgraded, new boardwalks installed over boggy walkways, invasive Japanese Knotweed removed and work carried out to trees across the site.

Further ideas include repairs to culverts and coping section along the brook, removing debris, and planting more fruit trees in the orchard and making entrance ways ‘more welcoming to visitors’.

Council official Paul Robinson said: “Chapelfield Nature Reserve is a beautiful space that serves communities in Radcliffe and Whitefield, but also attracts visitors from across the borough. The project is in the very early stages, but the masterplan highlights some wonderful ideas for improving the space.

“All natural spaces need management from time to time to ensure the nature can thrive and we want to make sure that people can access and enjoy the site fully.”

Martin Proffitt, from Proffitts, added: “This is a long-term improvement plan, and there are already some great suggestions for the nature reserve that would make the site easier to navigate, protect native plants and shrubs and attract more wildlife into the space.

“We really would encourage as many people as possible to look at the plan and let us know what they think. They may have other thoughts and suggestions for improvements that could be added.’’

The consultants and the council remain eager, they say, to have a minimal impact on the environment, keeping the public areas as natural as possible. More information can be found online at Or for more details, e-mail