A RESTAURATEUR has slammed an ‘ex-employee’ for posting a scathing TripAdvisor review criticising a ‘boss who struts around the venue’ while ‘mistreating staff’.

Nicola Murphy co-owns the restaurant and bar Ramsbottom Social on Bolton Street, which has 60 reviews on TripAdvisor, 59 of which are rated as ‘excellent’.

It also has a five-star rating on Facebook from 110 reviews.

The rogue review, left under the pseudonym ‘Linda’, claimed that while the food and atmosphere at the venue were “great”, the management “mistreat staff” and are “less than welcoming”.

Ms Murphy posted from the restaurant's Facebook account to share her dismay at what was ‘clearly’ a review left by someone ‘who no longer works for us’.

She wrote: “This review has really hurt me as it is untrue and ultimately unkind.

“This is what happens when employees that leave your business can’t afford you the same kindness, honesty and transparency you have given them.

“My team are treated well and I thank them every single shift they work. I always ensure that they have a safe way of getting home after work.

“The list goes on but ultimately I appreciate them. A lot.

“I have responded to ‘Linda’ and welcomed her to Trip Advisor as it’s very clear her account has been set up purely to assassinate my business and kind caring nature.

“I’m not sharing this for publicity. I’m sharing it to highlight just how cruel and unkind people can be. All because they no longer work for us.

“Well, ‘Linda’, you and your cronies have won, because this review has really hurt me.

“You don’t know me, you know nothing of my integrity and nature.

“I am a good person. I am a good employer. You’re no one. Just a pathetic individual hiding behind the keyboard.

“Also, me ‘strutting’? That made laugh - a lot. So all is not lost.”

The review was left around New Year's Eve, and in an update on the initial Facebook post, Ramsbottom Social said that ‘Linda’ had been identified and the review had been subsequently removed.