A PRIMARY school is celebrating the start of the New Year with a good report.

Ofsted inspectors have graded Whitefield Community Primary School as a good school.

Staff were described as enjoying working at the school, while the support given by education leaders was also praised.

The report added: “Governors share school leaders’ ambitions for all pupils. Staff are appreciative of the checks that leaders and governors make on their workload and well-being.”

In particular, the school was praised for the facilities and activities available to pupils.

The report added: “Leaders have invested in an attractive school library where pupils are able to choose from a vast range of books.

“Older pupils build their comprehension skills through carefully chosen high-quality texts.

“Teachers read regularly to pupils and pupils explained that this helps them understand how to read an audience in an interesting way.

“Pupils understand the importance of equality and fairness and explained that everybody should have the same chances in life and be free from discrimination.”

Reacting to the report, headteacher Katy Dickson said: “I think this is an incredible achievement and above all, it’s been a group effort from the teachers and parents who have been very supportive.

“I want to stress that we are a community school and that this is at the heart of our values.

“Our school has been through some hard times in the last year but we’ve pulled through.

“As a leader is immensely satisfying to know that we are helping our pupils achieve their dreams.”