MARK E Smith, the Prestwich icon and lead singer of The Fall has been fondly remembered by Prestwich Arts Festival on the fourth anniversary of his death.

Arts festival creative producer Jemma Martinez said: “People like Mark E Smith have had such an impact on the music industry that people might not be aware of, with such a prolific output that are impacting and inspiring young musicians today to pick up an instrument.

“The fact that his music and albums are still on the radio and loved my millions is a testament to how good he was and how much of an impact he made for Prestwich.

“He was true to himself right until the end, he didn’t care about chart position or putting out the most popular songs. All he cared about was marching to the beat of his own idiosyncratic, eccentric but highly charismatic drum.

“I’m a lifelong Prestwich resident and it fills me with pride to know we have some real music success here in North Manchester that we need to shout a bit louder about.

A mural dedicated to the musician, by the artist Akse P19, was unveiled by festival officials four years ago, on the gable end of Clifton Road.

She added: "I think the mural represents the growing confidence of Prestwich and the fact that we have a thriving creative community.

“Mark probably would’ve publicly derided it, but secretly I think it would have given him great joy and made him really happy to see so many people turn up to see it.”

Arts festival volunteer, Rob Carol, has also taken fans of The Fall from all over the country on a guided tour of the lead singer’s favourite local haunts, including pubs, shops and buildings that inspired his lyrics.