Royal Mail will introduce new "reinvented" stamps after a successful trial of the new designs. 

A special barcode will be added to the side of the stamp but the Queen's head will still remain a main part of the stamp.

The barcode will make it possible to watch videos, messages, and much more information all available on the Royal Mail App. 

The current non-barcoded stamps will be phased out but will be usable until January 31 2023.

Bury Times: The new stamp. (PA)The new stamp. (PA)

But customers will be able to swap their old stamps for the new barcoded ones after January 31. 

Royal Mail says the barcode will also help to introduce "added security features" and "pave the way for innovative services for our customers".

All the barcodes will match the colour of the stamps and will be separated by a fine perforation line. 

However, if the barcode is removed the stamp does become invalid. 

From March 31 you can swap all existing stamps for the new barcoded stamp.