The Met Office has confirmed “wintry showers” are on the way as parts of the UK prepare for predicted snowfall.

Snow was previously predicted as early as this week as “arctic air” approaches, with “wintry downpours” predicted in the north and as far down south as central England and London.

Now, in the final month of winter a cold snap could develop leading to snow.

Meteorologists predict snowfall could form wintry showers in parts of northern England and Scotland.

Met Office: Cold front ‘marching’ toward UK

The Met Office claim a cold front is “marching” towards the UK.

Speaking to The Mirror, Met Office forecaster Clare Nasir, said: "We could see some patchy rain and drizzle but notice this cold front marching its way towards the UK,.

"So through Thursday afternoon and evening time a couple of hours of heavy rain and stronger winds as it sinks down towards the south east."

She added: "As the air turns colder the winds pick up and we will see some wintry showers particularly towards the north as well as the west."

The Met Office forecast for Friday until Sunday reads: "Friday cold with sunny spells and blustery showers, wintry in the north.

"Milder at the weekend, with periods of rain particularly across the northwest. Still some brightness for eastern areas."